Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Get Smart with This New IT Wordpress Theme

ThemeForest, well known for its varied range of Wordpress themes, has let out yet another masterpiece from its kitty. It’s the highly responsive and feature-rich Smart IT theme, which is a must have for all major business websites, especially those which are IT driven. The theme, with its ease of use, responsiveness and multi-functionality, is sure to give you a worthy user experience. The theme incorporates editable features, which means you can customize it as per your requisites, as and when you want. If you like experimenting with new plug-ins and widgets, this theme is a must-have for you.
SmartIT has several enticing features that make it a perfect suit for a performance driven IT portal. The theme is enriched with twenty different visual short codes including audio, alerts, charts, buttons, contact form and column, which allow you to enhance each page of your website as per your expectations. A variety of sliders have also been included in the theme. The Revolution Slider, for instance, offers seventeen different image transition styles for you to choose from. You can hire Wordpress developers to customize sliders and other features for you.
The layout of the theme is well-structured, which means you and your visitors can have an uncomplicated and pleasant navigation experience on the website. The sidebars and widgets available with the theme also help you in making user experience on your website worthwhile. You can customize each sidebar menu by adding different widgets such as recent Projects, archives, Links, Google Map, Calendar etc.
SmartIT gives you the freedom to handle the look and feel of your website. If you wish to alter the color scheme of the theme, well, you are the boss. The theme also include some highly efficient SEO tools, which means you need not install any additional plug-ins. Some other features that the SmartIT theme offers to you are:
  1. Responsive Layout
  2. Wordpress 3.4 + ready
  3. Highly universal design
  4. Beautiful 404 Error Page
  5. Lightbox Support included
  6. Improved CSS effect
  7. Cross browser compatibility
  8. Unlimited sliders and sidebars
  9. Extended professional support
SmartIT theme is a smart choice if you are looking to launch a highly responsive Wordpress website. You can hire Wordpress programmers to aid you through the theme customization process.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Become an Ace Drupal Developer- Try These!

Drupal web development has gained immense popularity in a very short duration of time. This has led to an increased demand of experienced developers who have thorough knowledge of Drupal CMS and know how to use Drupal to best of its capabilities. If you are a drupal developer , looking for new development projects, then here are a few things that can make you stand out of the league and give you a competitive edge over other developers.
hire drupal developers
Hire Drupal Developers

1. Know Drupal in and out. A thorough knowledge of the CMS will aid you in developing highly functional web applications that are responsive in nature. It is only when you know the capabilities of Drupal well, that you can exploit them to the best possible extend. Whether it’s the theme customization or the module integration, you must have a thorough knowledge of all aspects of Drupal development. 

2. Understand the scope of project well. It is important to be in sync with the basic requisites of the client to deliver a world class web application.

3. Be creative in your work. Every client wants his web application to stand out in the crowd. This calls for a unique approach of development. Make sure you put in all your capabilities to develop an application which is second to none.

4. Ensure that you deliver the project within promised deadlines. Any delay in delivering the project will hamper your image as a developer. Remember, time is money, so always value client’s time.

Keeping these things in mind you can become an ace drupal programmer who can develop high end performance-oriented Drupal applications.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ebay Acquired Magento: Now it will be in X commerce initiative

Four years back, Magento inhabited in the world of open source content management systems and changes the entire way of online shopping with its useful and management friendly web applications.  The eventual rise in online shopping industry is also a noticeable factor of these last four years, but the reason of Magento’s domination among other online shopping friendly content management systems was the innovative approach.

After the sudden entry of Ebay by purchasing initially 49 percent and later 100 percent stake of Magento, the veteran web analysts have become concerned for the  innovativeness in Magento based CMS’s, which gifted it the award of 2009 Exciting Star’ Driving eCommerce Innovation, given by Exciting Commerce. As per the Ebays plan for Magento, it will be a part of eBay's new X.Commerce initiative. Thus, the coming future with Magento will be considerable.

Innovations that tagged it as Exciting Star for 2009

It is a known fact across the online arena, that Magento is the most innovative open source content management solution for online shopping websites. It has added numerous values increasing features in the online shopping industry such as category wise product management, auto generation of administrative reports, integration with paypal, and easy shipping options. All these features are mentioned below in detail to show the innovative side of Megento.

Category wise product Management: Since the releasing year, Magento is bringing innovative features and making online shopping experience better. In this way, it has contrived the category wise product management feature for online shoppers. With the use of this feature, the online retail shoppers can manage their long lines of products as per the categories. Thus, it makes the product management easy and time saving. 

Integration with Paypal: It has the integration with paypal. This feature of your website helps you in receiving payments from paypal payment gateway. Thus, you don’t need to drive paypal users to other payment gateways. 

Auto Generation of website administrative reports: It is one of the most innovative features of Magento based open source content management system. While using this CMS, you do not have the need to prepare web administrative reports, because it automatically prepares for the administrator. 

Monday, 15 October 2012

Reinvent your Online Identity with Wordpress

WordPress is one of the most used and demanding open source content management systems. In the initial phase, it gained the unmatched appreciation and trust of leading personal brands for providing an innovative and free of cost individual publishing tool called blog. In the current scenario, when each website needs a content management system, it still fits well and fulfills all needs of a resourceful content management system. Thus, you can see an insatiable demand of WordPress based CMS.

 A WordPress CMS enabled website makes you able to showcase your sell able goods and services across the globe. It also brings a large pool of online visitors at your website that increase your chances of gaining consistent success in your particular domain. So you need to take PSD to WordPress conversion for achieving a feat in online branding arena. 

Is WordPress Suitable for Your Business:

This is really an intelligent question to answer before taking a PSD to WordPress conversion. Thus, you need to know all aspects of WordPress based content management system. The CMS tool of WordPress provides you the facility to add, remove and replace the live contents of a websites. It also allows you to tag your content and images with the keywords targeted for your audience. Moreover, it has a most search engine friendly architecture that enables you to host a large pool of online guests at your website. So, take the PSD to WordPress conversion and reinvent your online identity.  

Friday, 12 October 2012

Make your News Site Responsive with Drupal

If you are trying to achieve a feat in online news arena by establishing a news website, then it should be based on a news friendly content management system. A news website consists of a large amount of data and needs frequent management of website content. Thus, you should choose a CMS that can provide all the needed facilities to spread your news around the world. A Drupal Development Company can fulfill all such requirements by installing Drupal based CMS. It is one of the most dependable & user friendly open source content management system, which is being used by millions of websites around world. The leading websites using Drupal are New York Observer,, Twitter and various news websites. The Drupal CMS based websites can be used perfectly for knowledge management & business collaboration projects. Being written in high level programming language PHP, it also provides the facility of developing customized web application for your website. 

Requirements of a successful news website: A nascent news website needs various things to get successful. The main and essential need for any news organization is sensible news. Every News spreading medium should always be responsive and buzzed with current updates. A news website needs the proper presentation of updates and impactful graphical elements with strategic tagging of contents. It should have search engine friendly content and customized web applications that can spread the news across the world. Drupal is the one stop solution to all such needs. You can approach the best Drupal Development Company to establish a successful 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Four Tips to Find the Right Magento Development Company

Magento is one of the most recent and demanding open source content management systems among a wide range of open source CMS’. As per the industry experts, it is ideal for online shopping portals, online reservation counters and online retail stores. As it provides the features of category wise product management, report generation, easy pricing and discount coupons, specific user controls to the administrators. All such features cannot be find on concurrent content management system, then it is impossible to arrange all such features on a website made using Adobe Photoshop. So you should approach a best Magento Development Company without wasting time. You can find a right Magento Development Company just following the below given steps:

Search over internet: You can have a diverse search over the internet for a right Magento Development Company. In this session of research, you can find numerous web service providers, but the best can be judged after following the below given objects.  

Approach the service provider: After researching for a while, you can now approach the top ranking service providers (based upon their experience) for availing their useful services. In this step, you can approach few leading web service providers to short listing the one for you.

Examine previous Magento Development project: The main and foremost step is to check the competencies of your chosen service providers. It will lead you to your web service provider.

Have a legal contract: Having a legal contract is must for all web development projects. It ensures the hassle free delivery of project.