Monday, 21 January 2013

Make a finer Website Using WordPress

Yeah! You are correct. WordPress is the most used open source web content management system. Currently, it powers up more than 55% of total CMS using websites of the world.

Moreover, it is powering up some about 17 % of top one million sites as per the recent reports of These stats signify the growing percentage of WP users and its high adaptability for making simply operable websites. Apart from this, you should also be aware with the fact that it has the most search engine friendly web architecture. You are only required to keep your site ready with keyword rich contents.
In your process of earning golden ranks at leading search engines, you should create meaningful contents for your sites. Moreover, you should create keyword rich contents for your site. In this way, you should keep the meaningfulness of content in your mind while adding keywords in your web content. It will help you in attracting a large number of organic searchers on your site.
You can create multiple blogs and sites using this open-source web management system. It will help you in publishing a large amount of data via your blog. You can easily publish annual meeting details, quarter end financial details. Such blogging will help you in communication with your existing and potential customers.
After reading above-mentioned features of this open source web content management tool, you can understand the quality features of this CMS tool. You just need to approach a wordpress development company. The services of such company will help you in incorporating this CMS tool in your site. These services will also help you to create custom Plugins and extensions from scratch to enable out-of-the-box settings in your website. Further, you should ask your coder to test your site in accordance with internationally known software testing parameters. It will ensure glitch-less operation of your site.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Amplify the Usability of Your E-commerce Store With Customization

Owing to innovative online shopping features, Magento has gained an unseen demand in open source world. It is highly customizable in nature. You can get almost all features of enterprise edition by creating custom extensions. Some of the most needful features are mentioned below:
Customer segmentation: With Magento open source edition, you will be able to segregate your e-commerce stores in various segments. This segmentation will help your customers in reaching at the appropriate section for finding a particular product. You only need to create a custom extension for enabling this feature in your website.
Return Management: You can apply a custom return management policy. For this purpose, you can ask your coder to develop custom return management extension for your e-commerce store. It will allow you to tag a particular product as returnable or non-returnable. This will establish better relations between you and your customers.
Custom Landing Pages: Sometimes online shopping stores put some products on sale. Therefore, you can make an extension for creating custom landing pages. It will help you in heightening your sales turnovers.
Product Suggestion Tool: This tool plays an important role in increasing the sales of your virtual store. You can ask your developer to create a custom Magento extension for this feature. This extension will display related products as suggestions to online buyers while their purchase.
Ratings & Reviews: In current scenario, online buyers take the decision of buying something online after reading reviews and ratings. A custom extension will allow your customers to rate a particular product and write a review for the products.
Private Sales: It is an important customization for your shopping portal. It will allow the customer to create a private account in your website and purchase privately.
These customized extensions will help you in giving more strength to your online shopping store. You will be able to make your store more usable for the targeted customers. you just need to take custom magento development for incorporating these features in your store.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Rocket Your Business Growth With WordPress

The ever-increasing business competition is tending business organizations to have maximum market share to sustain an impressive position in their domains. This ongoing situation is inspiring commercial entities to set up their virtual faces. Considerably, the online presentation plays an important part in the modern day customer orientation. There are multiple web technologies to set up an impressive online identity. These web technologies are parted in open source projects and enterprise solutions. In case of open source projects, you can use WordPress to build an impressive online identity of your organization. You can hire wordpress developers for this purpose.
WordPress is one of the most trusted open source web content management systems. You can make numerous web sites and blogs using this CMS tool. You can grab the attention of your potential online customers for your business offerings. Some of the other factors of this tool are written below:
Simple Web Management: It is the most user-friendly web management system. You do not need to aware with PHP for managing your website or blog. You should be aware with the process of social media account management. This understanding will help you in publishing the resourceful and meaningful contents in your website. Apart from this, you can also timeline your account publishing scheduled by installing few Plugins. After this, you will not have the need to remember dates for posting new content on your web site. The CMS tool will automatically notify you about the time of posting new contents.
Search Engine Optimization: There are no doubts that it has the most search engine friendly open source web architecture. This search engine friendly web architecture keeps your website pages optimized for leading search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You can use multiple tags, back links, and keywords in your web site and blog content. The tool will notify you to make necessary search engine friendly changes in your website while uploading new contents. So, it is highly helpful for naïve users.
Social Media Integration: After installing this tool, you can integrate your website with top rated social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This integration will develop a bridge between your website and your social media handles. It will bring large volume online customers on your website. Apart from this, you can also manage your social media profiles with your wordpress content management system. So, it helps in implementing your online marketing campaigns.
You can understand the resourceful features of WP after reading afore said paragraphs. These features speak about the adaptability of this open source web content management system for building an impressive business website. Business sites should be leveraged with meaningful and keyword rich contents to convey information over web. An impressive business website helps an organization in catering its customer base in a better and scalable manner. This open source tools is suitable for publishing all kinds of contents. In case of security concerns, the business organization can make specific arrangements to ensure the high security of business documents.