Monday, 30 December 2013

What all comes under Custom Joomla Development?

Today, Joomla has become one of the favorite web development platforms for developing web applications and websites. There’s no doubt on the fact that websites developed using Joomla fare quite well as compared to the ones developed using other web development platforms. The easy-to-use architecture of Joomla makes it a perfect fit for e-store owners who need to update their website on a regular basis. Today, through this blog I’ll be focusing on everything that comes under custom Joomla Development.

What is Custom Joomla Development?

Well, the term Custom Joomla Development refers to the web development technique wherein the client chooses to customize the look and feel of his/her yet-to-be-developed Joomla website. The website seeker provides a list of features and functionalities he/she wants to incorporate into his/her site. There’s a constant interaction between the client and the developer. The client offers crucial insights on how he/she wants his/her website to be developed. The constant communication between the client and developer gives birth to innovations that work wonders for the website. Joomla component development is a task that involves the hardwork and dedication of expert Joomla programmers.

What are Joomla Components?

Joomla components are functional units of Joomla that can be viewed as mini applications. All Joomla components have two main parts including an administrator part and a site part. While the administrator part provides an interface to configure different parts of the component, the site part is used to render pages when being called during the normal website operation. Joomla’s core components include:
  •     Contact Forms
  •     Web Links
  •     Content Management System
What all does Custom Joomla Development include?

Whenever business owners opt for customizing their Joomla site, they display their interest towards bringing in something new and innovative in their site. As an entrepreneur, it’s vital for you to understand your web development requirements. You need to prepare a list of functionalities and visual effects, you’re interested to include in your site. Below, I’ve segregated the website features that can be customized as per a custom Joomla development project:

Web Design- Choosing a perfect web design is quite crucial for ensuring the creation of a good website. You may choose from a range of web design options including: Single Page web design, Flat Web Design, Flash-enabled web design etc. I recommend you to choose a web design that’s in sync with what your site conveys. Never opt for a web design that’s appealing but doesn’t match with the theme of the website.

Color Scheme-
Web page color is yet another crucial aspect related to a website. If you’ve chosen to customize your Joomla site, it’s essential for you to choose a good color scheme for the web pages. The color of your web pages must be soothing to the eyes and in accordance to the theme chosen for the website.

Layout- This is considered to be the most important aspect of every website development project. Planning the layout for your website is a decision that needs to be taken in an intelligent manner. You cannot compromise over the quality of web layout for your site because this particular aspect helps in deciding the visual appearance for your website.

Typography- Web content’s font plays a crucial role in enhancing the site’s performance over the web. Internet users prefer going through a website that has original content that’s placed using a good font style. Website visitors can easily get disinterested in a particular web page if they find the page content to be hard-to-interpret.

Customizing your Joomla website can help you gather maximum traffic. All you need to do is be extremely cautious in choosing the right Joomla developer who’ll take care of your specific web requirements and deliver you a website that meets all your expectations.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

OSSMedia Ltd Adds to the Christmas Cheer by Announcing Large Discounts on its Services

This Christmas, OSSMedia promises to be the pleasure dome of companies/individuals looking to invest in open source software development. A leader in the open source software community, OSSMedia has announced a high value offer on the eve of Christmas. The highly sought-after service provider is offering a discount of 15% on its services to give its customers one more reason to surrender to the surrealism of the auspicious season.

This Christmas offer is set to catch the eye of a huge stack of service-seekers out there in the market, since OSSMedia is an established brand when it comes to services in the open source platforms. Their clients have incessantly vouched for the finesse of the services offered by OSSMedia, acknowledging at the same time that a partnership with the company is an investment in excellence.

The spokesperson of OSSMedia was quoted saying, ”The dexterity of services and a constant focus on innovation has been powering us to surge ahead of our competition. But along the way, we have always given highest precedence to our customers, and made sure the festival incentives and bonuses aren’t just meant for the employees. Customer indeed comes first at OSSMedia and staying true to our maxim, we are offering a 15% discount on each of our offerings”.

The OSSMedia services that the offer is valid on include:

  • WordPress Development
  • Joomla Development
  • Drupal Development
  • Magento Development
OSSMedia’s differentiator has been the intuitiveness of its professionals to ably understand the requirements of its clients, and also of the technology and business-challenges that clients are likely to face. OSSMedia guarantees a deep contemplation over the frequent and not-so-frequent discrepancies that might exist with the technology landscape of its client companies. The experts at OSSMedia provide an elaborative answer to every query raised. it involves a huge degree of inquisitiveness on their part before they design and deliver their services. The dedication to client’s success and application of cutting-edge technology has empowered them to create path-breaking service sets and set their clients’ feet on the growth curve.

About OSSMedia

Incepted 5 years ago, OSSMedia has blossomed into a highly trusted brand that is propelled by the visionaries of the highest degree. The company is supported by a workforce of over 250 highly motivated professionals who hold expertise in their respective domains. They have years of experience in developing dynamic and interactive solutions.

Corporate Address

525 Winton Rd. North, Rochester
New York, 14609 USA
Phone +1.315.512.2255