Thursday, 18 December 2014

Understanding the Need For Hiring a Joomla Professional

Nowadays, website development is not just limited to setting up a good-looking and functional design. With new trends emerging on the web and advancements of technologies at an incessant rate, it has become needful to develop sites based on the latest trends and using the modern technology. Content management systems (CMSs) have been around us for the past few years now, however they keep on upgrading to eliminate the bottlenecks, so as to improve user experience (UX).

When it comes to choosing a CMS – WordPress is the first name that usually pops up in our mind – considering it's increasing popularity. Although, this CMS can be used to create websites of all types and sizes, it is not considered a good choice for building complex sites. This is where Joomla comes in. This is another content management system that can be used to create and manage different type of sites. It is an ideal choice for building static or corporate sites.

In the present time, Joomla is touted as one of the most sought-after content management systems widely used for building sites and online applications. It comes packed with impressive features. Most importantly, it is known for extensibility, one of the biggest reason that made it so popular among web developers. However, working in Joomla can be challenging, as unlike WordPress it cannot be operated by a technophobe. In simple words, you need to have a little knowledge about this CMS system.

What's more? There are so many things that you would like to work upon, including extension development, theme development, migration to Joomla platform and so on. All of these things usually require programming skills and knowledge. In addition, you also need to have in-depth knowledge about the Joomla CMS. Thus, it is advisable to seek assistance of a professional having good experience and expertise in Joomla development.

Even though, you may have good knowledge about the platform but can't fiddle with the code, even then you will need help of a Joomla Programmer. You should search for a reputed web development firm with a proven track record of delivering successful projects. That's because, such a company is backed by developers possessing deep coding knowledge and are well-versed with the latest Joomla developments.

An experienced development partner will definitely know about working in Joomla 3. This new iteration of the CMS adopts Bootstrap framework, and enables developers to create mobile-friendly website. Lastly, a professional ensures in developing unique application that isn't stuffed with irrelevant elements. In fact, they can also suggest about the best template or even create a custom one for you. In a nutshell, professional developers possesses the capability and skills needed to build a site that comes equipped with all the latest features.

Wrapping Up!

If you wish to build a Joomla website with a good appeal, but can't perform the development on your own, you can build a great website by hiring a professional Joomla Developer. Reading this article will hopefully help you understand the need for employing services of an experienced Joomla professional. 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

4 Ravishing WP Themes for Enhanced Landing Page

You make great strive to attract maximum audience by diverting them from different sources to your website, but have you ever cared about your landing page?

The page on which you intend to land the targeted audience is referred as the landing page. Hence, the landing page of your website is highly essential, as it boasts your face and provides a medium to your potential audience for a convenient interaction.

Now since, you are diverting traffic from different sources, their needs might differ from each other, therefore landing them all on the same page won't make any sense. Thus, it is better to create different landing pages to meet the requirement of the targeted audiences.

While working with WordPress, the most significant thing is that its gigantic repository features an overwhelming list of plugins and themes. There are truckloads of themes (including both premium and free) available out there that can cater to your diverse needs. You can also find an appropriate theme and plugin to create a beautiful landing page for your WP site.

For the folks who are looking for themes to create an attractive and intuitive landing page, this article will reveal a few of the best WordPress themes that can help accomplish your task with utmost precision. Let's have a look at them.

1. Kodax: Showcase your products in an awesome fashion by using this full screen theme. Its responsive and captivating design makes it perfect to pace with the ever fluctuating web trends. The incorporated Retina ready feature helps boast the featured graphics in HD view and thus make them visually appear sharper and more vivid. Its easily accessible interface, advanced plugins, short codes, folio galleries, and other brilliant features add great value to this theme and make it an absolute value for money.

2. Permatex: Create a versatile landing page with this fabulous theme. It supports innumerable color combos, AJAX form with auto-responder, collapsible FAQ section, Lightbox portfolio and a lot more. You may choose the font face for your landing page via the easily readable and attractive Google fonts that are available with this theme. This fully responsive theme is available at some worthy price.

3. Salbii: This multipurpose landing page theme offers numerous fabulous design combinations that make it stand apart from the crowd. With its responsive design, you can easily reach out a huge audience base. Moreover, it facilitates complete control over the landing page design. This premium theme also offers valuable customer support service.

4. Onesie: With this free WordPress theme, you can create a marvelous landing page for your WP website. It offers responsive results and provides a simple and proficient way to create a desired landing page with utmost convenience. If you are done with every other part of your website, Onesie theme can be quickly configured within a few minutes. It is powered by custom background and theme options in WordPress.

Improve the look and feel of your website landing page by using a simple yet attractive theme. The aforementioned are a few of the best WP themes for enhancing the visual appearance of the landing page, you may use one of them or may search a suitable one in the WordPress repository. You can hire services like Wordpress Theme Web Development Company and customize your website in a desired fashion. It facilitates cost-effective solutions and helps deliver outstanding user experience.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Reasons Behind Joomla Popularity Over Other CMS

Almost every site owner today look forward to building a website with visually pleasing design and sleek features, in minimal time and efforts. Content management systems (CMS's) such as the likes of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others help accomplish such goal of site owners. While WordPress is highly-recognized for its simplicity, Drupal, on the other hand is preferred for building complex websites. However, Joomla seems to a better CMS when you need to build a more complex site than WordPress, but less complicated compared to the one created by Drupal.

Joomla is used by site owners across the world for building corporate, community, e-commerce websites. What makes Joomla one of the popular CMS is because of the ease it provides in managing a site, availability of extensions and in-built modules etc. Let's explore Joomla benefits in detail:

Vast Library of Extensions: Joomla comes with several extensions that helps to extend your website functionality to meet your growing business needs. There are around hundreds of plugins available like eCommerce, Form, Galleries and many more. While you can find most of the extensions for free, you can even choose to have paid extensions as they are reasonably priced. You can also choose to design a custom extension for your project by employing services of a reputed Joomla development company.

It Makes Front-End Editing Possible: Most of the CMSs doesn't allow front-end editing. However, you can perform front-end editing with help of Joomla. This means that you can edit the content directly on the website. So, in case you are logged in into your site (not to mention, have permission to edit the content), then you can make edits to the site without the need of backend. This is one of the biggest benefits for Joomla site owners having little technical experience or knowledge. Just keep in mind this only works for your posts, and you'll need to edit rest of the website content from the backend.

Multi-User Login: In order to perform regular updates on a Joomla powered site, and for adding fresh and relevant content, you can assign access to multiple users for your Joomla website. By assigning authority to users they will have complete control over the website content, components, modules and other essential sections.

Easy to Use Menu Tool: One of the biggest reasons that makes Joomla one of the most sought-after CMS can be attributed to its powerful and easy-to-use menu tool. This is one feature where Joomla scores over other CMSs. With Joomla's menu tool you can easily build hierarchical menus with plenty of menu items.

E-Commerce Development: Joomla is the most suitable CMS when it comes to building e-commerce site compared to other CMSs, as it is forked from Magento – the most popular and widely used e-commerce platform. It provides several e-commerce components that helps to manage your e-commerce website content and catalogues at a single place. For example, VirtueMart is an excellent e-commerce solution that enables to integrate many useful features like payment gateways, product management etc. to the site.

To conclude, if you want to use a CMS that gives you the wherewithal to build far more complex sites than WordPress, but less complex than the Drupal websites, Joomla is the best bet for you. 

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Be wary of these 4 things while choosing Offshore Joomla Development

In today's stringent business competition, there's a need to invest in innovative strategies that can be used for creating a unique niche. You cannot compromise on using business development techniques to their full potential. One such effective means of establishing a strong online presence is building a unique corporate website. What else than Joomla can aid you in building a finest business portal. You can opt for offshore Joomla Development services that can make it simple for you to grow the reach of your products and services. So, if you're planning to go ahead with outsourcing of your Joomla web development needs then this is a blog you can't afford to miss. Here, I've covered 4 crucial things that need to be avoided while working with an offshore Joomla development services company

1. Don't opt for any next door offshore Joomla Development Company
This is something that needs to be looked into well. Since you'll be handing over some of the most crucial business details to the outsourcing company, make sure the one you choose is not a company next door. Check out the detailed background of the respective Joomla Development Company and ensure that the company has been into the business of delivering top-notch Joomla web solutions and services.
2. Missing a legal contract is a 'NO NO'
Since you'll not be able to see the professional who's working on your Joomla development project, you need to be all geared up for the worse. Hence, I recommend you to sign up a legal contract for the project you plan to outsource to the team of professionally qualified Joomla programmers. Within this contract, make a note of the number of communication hours you require, the count of Joomla developers you intend to hire and that you require regular project progress reports. Doing this will help you kick start your Joomla web development project in a worry-free manner.
3. Avoid staying disconnected with your project's progress
As a service seeker, it is beneficial for you to play an active role in the development of your Joomla website. For this, you may always choose to ask your outsourcing company to arrange Google handout sessions or Skype sessions wherein you can get a complete picture of everything that is being done for completing your project. Moreover, these sessions will also aid you in developing a mutual understanding with the professionally qualified Joomla programmers who're working on your Joomla website development project. If, during the project implementation stage, you find something going out of the way, you can offer suitable recommendations to the developers and they'll then do it in your way.
4. Don't ignore testing the project
There are many business owners, who, in order to avoid wastage of time ignore the importance of testing their project modules. Well, in order to affirm successful project completion, it is important for you to test the developed modules in a timely manner. You must be well familiar with the functionalities that have been incorporated into your website. This will aid you in staying abreast with the format in which your website development project is being implemented.
Joomla is a remarkable Content Management System(CMS) and its entirely up to you how you take the full advantage of its varied features. Offshore Joomla web development is a concept that has witnessed the successful creation of websites belonging to both, individuals as well as corporate firms.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

What's making Drupal overpower other CMSs?

Launched way back in the year 2001, Drupal has come up as one of the best content management systems used all over the world. With a huge following in the current times, Drupal CMS has been successful in earning an enormous respect in the web development community and business organizations across the globe. On choosing to hire Drupal developer, you can easily build a website that stands out from the crowd. My aim behind writing this blog is to make you familiar with some major reasons that have made Drupal a more preferable CMS as compared to other CMSs available in the web market.
Drupal CMS offers ease of website management
In a scenario where website owners find it really challenging to develop a website or a web application, Drupal CMS has brought in a high level of convenience. With Drupal, you need not be an ace designer or developer to manage the website. The fully customizable and intuitive modules of Drupal make way for simple management of all components available in the website. You can easily design the information flow with the help of simple building blocks available with Drupal CMS. Hiring the services of an offshore Drupal development company is also a good option.
Drupal is backed by a wide OpenSource developer community
If you are about to choose a Content Management System(CMS), it is important to ensure that the one you settle down for has a large pool of developers backing it up. Drupal is a CMS that is not only robust and bug-free but also comes with an active online forum wherein the Drupal developers and customers can seek solutions for a variety of Drupal web development issues.
Drupal comes with the fastest development and maintenance time
Whether you're inclined on building a social networking site or an e-commerce store, Drupal is by far the best CMS that enables you to cut down man hours on the website development and maintenance phases. Drupal's in-built modules make room for faster development of websites and e-stores that serve various purposes of the end users.
Dynamic Web changes are possible with Drupal Website Development
Often website owners require making small or big changes to their live website. This is something that Drupal takes into account. As an open source web development solution, Drupal doesn't charge you any license fee for making any type of changes/modifications to your dynamic website. The best part of this is that you can make the changes, without compromising on the robust and vibrant nature of your website.
It's not tiring to find proficient Drupal developers
Unlike the case of finding other web developers, hunting for the proficient Drupal developers isn't tiring at all. You can easily trace the right Drupal web development professional who'll be looking into meeting all your customized web development requirements in the best possible manner. The World Wide Web is loaded with websites that render complete details about the finest Drupal developers who are capable of handling different Drupal web development projects with immense amount of flexibility and proficiency.
I'm sure the reasons mentioned above would have helped you get a clear idea on why people prefer Drupal over other CMSs. So, what's keeping you waiting, go ahead and choose Drupal to make the most of your brand's online presence.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Hire Magento Development Services for creating 100% secure websites

As an incredibly wonderful CMS, Magento has been powering web portals related to different industries. Backed by an easy-to-use administrative interface, professional Magento development services have served as the best means of developing websites that need to target a specific group of audience. With security becoming a major point of concern among website owners, Magento is the CMS that eradicates all your worries regarding the 100% hacker-free nature of your corporate website. In this blog, I'll walk you through the security advantages of powering your website with Magento CMS(Content Management System).
Magento's latest version comes with zero bugs and security fixes
Magento Development Services
When hiring a trained Magento developer, make sure to opt for the one who's has had already worked on multiple Magento website development projects in the previous years. Yet another point that needs to be look into is whether the Magento expert is using the latest version of the software tool. This is important because all the latest versions of Magento software program are bug-free and come with security fixes that affirm the 100% secure nature of the final Magento website. Once your website has been created, it is your responsibility to update your site as soon as possible whenever a new version is being launched in the web market.
Magento lets you customize the administrative dashboard path
Unlike in the case of other Content Management Systems(CMSs), with Magento you can easily customize the path for the administrative dashboard. Doing this will make it difficult for the attackers to try and breach your site. Since you'll be the only person knowing the path for the administrative section, an unauthorized access would be restricted as a whole.
Magento comes with an array of extensions/plugins/modules
When you choose to hire expert Magento developer, make it a point to check whether the developer is well familiar with the techniques of leveraging maximum potential of all the built-in modules, extensions and plugins. Magento software program comes with a plethora of modules, extensions and plugins that are especially designed for incorporating security features into the Magento website. With more than 7500 extensions available in the Magento Connect Extension Marketplace, it becomes quite convenient for you to choose the ones that will fit the security concerns of your Magento web portal. While some of these extensions are available for free, you'll have to pay a marginal price for the others. The selection of Magento security extensions must be made only after analyzing the target audience and the overall reach of your website.
Magento's Object Oriented Codebase adds to its secure nature
The object oriented code base of Magento plays a vital role in ensuring the secure nature of Magento powered websites. This aspect is also responsible for the built-in security features that are imbibed into Magento from the very first day of its launch. Unlike Magento, the web development software programs that include procedural codebase are more prone to hacker attacks and major security breaches. Although Magento system is a bit complex, its object oriented codebase makes it the number one choice of people looking for building completely secure websites and web applications. 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Hire Joomla Developers to Acquire Enviable Development Solutions

Joomla is a cost-effective web development model that helps in creating a mobile and search-engine friendly website. The best part about using Joomla for website development is that you don't have to take a deep dive into the sea of HTML and PHP coding in order to manage your site. Rather you can easily make the changes to your site after getting access to the Joomla admin area. In fact, you don't need to make tweak to the codes for managing content of your site.

Joomla is no doubt a content management system that comes enriched with features, but if you want to build a website using the Joomla platform you will need to extend existing features which aren't available in this content management system by default. You can do so by adding Joomla components to your site.

Joomla comes with lots of components that can be called as the functional units of this CMS. A Joomla component is like an extension, which is being developed to meet the requirements of your Joomla powered site. The components helps add additional functionality to the Joomla powered site, so as to optimize the performance of your website. These components comprises of a module, RSS feeds, online polls and several other important sections.

If you are a part of Joomla community, then you can download the components for free; but you may have to buy some components. Since, Joomla is an open-source platform it can be used by developers to build components as per your site requirements. For this purpose, you can opt for joomla component development that gives the developers with the flexibility to create an add-on component to augment the performance of Joomla site.

To ensure efficient and timely delivery of your component development project in Joomla, it is advisable that you must look out for Joomla Developers for Hire. But choosing a suitable Joomla developer can be a lot confusing. Below is a list of guidelines to consider when hunting down Joomla development service provider that would certainly make your search worth-while:

  • Read reviews posted online by customers who have already taken up Joomla development services.
  • Check out the developers having years of work experience in Joomla components development. Also, verify whether they boasts specialization in carrying out custom component development or not.
  • Next, quote a price for your development project. This will help you find developers that meet your budget expectations. However, make sure that they don't compromise the quality of the end-product.
  • Ensure that your developer performs stringent tests of the developed components on various parameters, which includes web browser compatibility, functionality, identifying bugs, etc.
  • Ascertain that the developer ensures to provide support and maintenance services even after the completion of your project, offered within the development package.
  • Do not hesitate to query your developer in case you have any doubts.

Whether you are looking to build a Joomla component from scratch or wish to update some existing component, it is recommended that you should look forward to appointing an expert joomla developer. Aforementioned are few guidelines you can take into account to pick an appropriate service provider.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Handy tips for wannabe Drupal programmers

Being one of the most popular CMSs(Content Management Systems) in the world, Drupal has indeed been chosen by a huge majority of website owners all over the world. Moreover, Drupal web development has also been witnessed as one of the most sought after career options among the creative individuals. Through this blog, I'll be offering some handy tips for everyone who wants to build a stable career as a professional Drupal programmer.
Tip No.1-Gather an in-depth knowledge of Drupal CMS
As your first step towards building a successful career in Drupal development, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of the CMS. You need to hone your knowledge base about the various functionalities that are included within the Drupal web development process.
Tip No.2- Reveal the creative side of your personality
People choosing to outsource drupal development are always keen on hiring Drupal coders who are highly creative. Hence, as a golden rule, make sure to wear your creative wings each time a new Drupal web development project comes your way. Pay special attention to creating a 100% unique and user-friendly Drupal website/web application.
Tip No.3- Hone your marketing skills
Drupal Development Services
Nowadays, offshore web development has become the latest buzz among website owners. Be it any simple or complex web requirements, the offshore development companies are competent in delivering the expected final product. As someone who's looking forward to becoming a trained drupal programmer, you need to improve upon your marketing skills. Try gathering recommendations from people who've made their mark in Drupal web development domain. You can choose the internet for marketing your Drupal development skills. Register at various freelancing services websites. Here, you can find people who're looking for Drupal coders who can deliver a finest website/web application. Moreover, you may also opt for promoting your Drupal development skills via newspaper advertisements or via distribution of brochures, pamphlets etc.
Tip No.4- Grab a good understanding of the pricing methodology
A professional Drupal coder must know how to price well to the clients. So, make sure you're well acquainted with the price that needs to be charged for a Drupal web development project depending on the scope of work, complexity and urgency. Ensure the pricing is neither too high nor too low. While the former pricing may make you lose bulk of clients, the latter one would represent underselling your skills.
Tip No.5-Make it a point to meet deadlines with each project
In order to become a good Drupal programmer, it is important for you to fix deadlines with your clients and meet the same. Under situations wherein it's unfeasible for you to deliver a project within a scheduled deadline, make sure to inform the client about the possible delay. Doing this will not only portray your professional attitude but even make your clients trust you to the optimum.
The above mentioned tips, if followed seriously can enable you to become a professional Drupal developer. For building a successful career in drupal web development services, you need to be sure of everything that's related to developing websites and web-based applications using Drupal CMS.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

An insight into 5 common mistakes made by Joomla programmers

Nowadays, Joomla has become one of the popularly used content management systems across the globe. Irrespective of the web development requirement, Joomla CMS has been effectively utilized by web developers, both amateurs as well as professionals. Although Joomla is being used for developing blogs, business websites and online stores, it has much more in store for people whose business revolves around the internet. In this blog, I'll be covering 5 of the most common mistakes that are being made even by the experienced Joomla programmers.
Mistake No.1- Copy pasting content from MS Word
Out of habit, MS Word is being used by web developers for copy pasting content to the Joomla editor. Well, this is a common mistake made by Joomla programmers and can easily affect the font of your site's content and decrease the search engine ranking of your website. Hence, it is recommended to copy the content into a notepad instead of copying it directly to the Joomla editor.
Mistake No.2- Not resizing the images
Usually Joomla developers tend to upload images in their original size. Doing this slows down the page loading time. Hence, it is suggested to resize all the images using image editors prior to uploading them to Joomla.
Mistake No.3-Not paying attention to the security aspect
Custom Joomla Development appears as an easy task for Joomla developers and out of this confidence they tend to ignore the security aspect of the website. The Joomla coders need to be very particular about the usage of all the necessary plugins that can ensure complete safety and security of the website. Search engines prefer indexing websites that include high security measures.
Mistake No.4- Keeping the default username as it is
During implementing custom Joomla development task, most of the Joomla programmers don't care about changing the default username from 'admin' to something that's hard to crack. This is yet another common mistake that's holding back Joomla developers from attaining new heights of success. Hackers find it easy to hack a site that contains the username as 'admin'. Since the username is already known to them, they can easily hack the password. The process becomes even more simpler if the Joomla coder has set the password as a name or birth date.
Mistake No.5- Opening a new page within an existing pop-up window
A website comprises of two types of links viz. external and internal. Usually the Joomla coders opt for opening a new page within an existing pop-up window. This is a phenomenon that can easily turn off the website visitors and they may choose to navigate to an entirely different website. Hence, it is recommended to design the website in a manner that on clicking an external link, the new page opens in a new window. Doing this will enable the customers to stay on the website for a much longer duration of time. Yet another crucial aspect that needs to be considered by Joomla developers is eliminating broken links. If any broken links exist for a website, it is advised to use 301 redirects.
Wrapping Up
So that was a list of 5 common blunders committed by Joomla developers. If you too are a Joomla coder handling a variety of Joomla development projects, it is better to make a good note of all these mistakes that can adversely affect the overall performance of your work. Hope the details mentioned within this blog would have helped you get a clear idea about the major mistakes that can hamper the smooth implementation of your Joomla web development projects.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Joomla CMS- Powering appealing yet functional websites

With thousands of Content Management Systems (CMSs) available in the market, Joomla has been successful in becoming the number one choice of web developers. Well, the primary reason for this is the dynamic website development that’s possible with Joomla CMS. Whether you need to develop a small business website or a complicated e-commerce web portal, if you hire Joomla developer, you can easily build a website that serves all your purposes in a refined manner. In this blog, I’ll be unleashing some of the best features of Joomla CMS that have come handy for developing eye-catchy yet fully functional websites.
Joomla CMS- A cost-effective means of developing websites
Unlike a variety of paid Content Management Systems (CMSs), Joomla has outgrown as an extremely cost-efficient CMS that works as a best match for enterprises with a limited budget range. With Joomla CMS, you can create highly interactive and power packed websites targeting different types of end users. You can either choose to hire offshore Joomla Development services or set up your own in-house team of Joomla developers that will take care of all your Joomla development requirements in the best manner.
Joomla CMS facilitates coders to write clean and clear code
Joomla CMS has become one of the most preferable web development platforms that have facilitated web developers to write a clean and clear code. With a bug-free code, it has become feasible for the web developers to develop a website that is friendly with the search engines. Internet is filled with websites rendering complete details about best Joomla development outsourcing services. You may choose any of these options for building a website that is well in synchronization with your customized requirements. With a search engine friendly website, you can expect to grow your visitors count by an impressive level.
Joomla CMS enables the development of highly scalable websites
Scalability is one of the prime concerns of every individual who is looking for developing a website. No matter how small or how big your web development is, Joomla CMS has the potential of helping you build a website that surpasses all your expectations. You simply need to hire Joomla developer who will guide you with all the steps that need to be taken in order to develop a flawless website that impresses one and all. As an online merchant, your business needs might fluctuate with each passing day. It is beneficial to choose a CMS that allows you to do content updates in a hassle-free manner. With Joomla CMS, you can easily get the flexibility of managing your website as and when required, without the need for hiring a professional Joomla developer. The easy-to-use admin panel allows you to carry out all the changes in a simple manner.
Joomla CMS has outgrown as a contemporary web development platform that’s been successful in serving itself as a highly secure web solution for developing hacker-proof websites. If you want to impress your potential clients/customers with an eye-catchy website then also Joomla is the tool that will serve your purpose well.
Please don’t forget to share your views/opinions on the above post. I’d be looking forward to receive your comments via the comments box provided right under this blog post. 
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