Thursday, 20 November 2014

4 Ravishing WP Themes for Enhanced Landing Page

You make great strive to attract maximum audience by diverting them from different sources to your website, but have you ever cared about your landing page?

The page on which you intend to land the targeted audience is referred as the landing page. Hence, the landing page of your website is highly essential, as it boasts your face and provides a medium to your potential audience for a convenient interaction.

Now since, you are diverting traffic from different sources, their needs might differ from each other, therefore landing them all on the same page won't make any sense. Thus, it is better to create different landing pages to meet the requirement of the targeted audiences.

While working with WordPress, the most significant thing is that its gigantic repository features an overwhelming list of plugins and themes. There are truckloads of themes (including both premium and free) available out there that can cater to your diverse needs. You can also find an appropriate theme and plugin to create a beautiful landing page for your WP site.

For the folks who are looking for themes to create an attractive and intuitive landing page, this article will reveal a few of the best WordPress themes that can help accomplish your task with utmost precision. Let's have a look at them.

1. Kodax: Showcase your products in an awesome fashion by using this full screen theme. Its responsive and captivating design makes it perfect to pace with the ever fluctuating web trends. The incorporated Retina ready feature helps boast the featured graphics in HD view and thus make them visually appear sharper and more vivid. Its easily accessible interface, advanced plugins, short codes, folio galleries, and other brilliant features add great value to this theme and make it an absolute value for money.

2. Permatex: Create a versatile landing page with this fabulous theme. It supports innumerable color combos, AJAX form with auto-responder, collapsible FAQ section, Lightbox portfolio and a lot more. You may choose the font face for your landing page via the easily readable and attractive Google fonts that are available with this theme. This fully responsive theme is available at some worthy price.

3. Salbii: This multipurpose landing page theme offers numerous fabulous design combinations that make it stand apart from the crowd. With its responsive design, you can easily reach out a huge audience base. Moreover, it facilitates complete control over the landing page design. This premium theme also offers valuable customer support service.

4. Onesie: With this free WordPress theme, you can create a marvelous landing page for your WP website. It offers responsive results and provides a simple and proficient way to create a desired landing page with utmost convenience. If you are done with every other part of your website, Onesie theme can be quickly configured within a few minutes. It is powered by custom background and theme options in WordPress.

Improve the look and feel of your website landing page by using a simple yet attractive theme. The aforementioned are a few of the best WP themes for enhancing the visual appearance of the landing page, you may use one of them or may search a suitable one in the WordPress repository. You can hire services like Wordpress Theme Web Development Company and customize your website in a desired fashion. It facilitates cost-effective solutions and helps deliver outstanding user experience.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Reasons Behind Joomla Popularity Over Other CMS

Almost every site owner today look forward to building a website with visually pleasing design and sleek features, in minimal time and efforts. Content management systems (CMS's) such as the likes of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others help accomplish such goal of site owners. While WordPress is highly-recognized for its simplicity, Drupal, on the other hand is preferred for building complex websites. However, Joomla seems to a better CMS when you need to build a more complex site than WordPress, but less complicated compared to the one created by Drupal.

Joomla is used by site owners across the world for building corporate, community, e-commerce websites. What makes Joomla one of the popular CMS is because of the ease it provides in managing a site, availability of extensions and in-built modules etc. Let's explore Joomla benefits in detail:

Vast Library of Extensions: Joomla comes with several extensions that helps to extend your website functionality to meet your growing business needs. There are around hundreds of plugins available like eCommerce, Form, Galleries and many more. While you can find most of the extensions for free, you can even choose to have paid extensions as they are reasonably priced. You can also choose to design a custom extension for your project by employing services of a reputed Joomla development company.

It Makes Front-End Editing Possible: Most of the CMSs doesn't allow front-end editing. However, you can perform front-end editing with help of Joomla. This means that you can edit the content directly on the website. So, in case you are logged in into your site (not to mention, have permission to edit the content), then you can make edits to the site without the need of backend. This is one of the biggest benefits for Joomla site owners having little technical experience or knowledge. Just keep in mind this only works for your posts, and you'll need to edit rest of the website content from the backend.

Multi-User Login: In order to perform regular updates on a Joomla powered site, and for adding fresh and relevant content, you can assign access to multiple users for your Joomla website. By assigning authority to users they will have complete control over the website content, components, modules and other essential sections.

Easy to Use Menu Tool: One of the biggest reasons that makes Joomla one of the most sought-after CMS can be attributed to its powerful and easy-to-use menu tool. This is one feature where Joomla scores over other CMSs. With Joomla's menu tool you can easily build hierarchical menus with plenty of menu items.

E-Commerce Development: Joomla is the most suitable CMS when it comes to building e-commerce site compared to other CMSs, as it is forked from Magento – the most popular and widely used e-commerce platform. It provides several e-commerce components that helps to manage your e-commerce website content and catalogues at a single place. For example, VirtueMart is an excellent e-commerce solution that enables to integrate many useful features like payment gateways, product management etc. to the site.

To conclude, if you want to use a CMS that gives you the wherewithal to build far more complex sites than WordPress, but less complex than the Drupal websites, Joomla is the best bet for you.